The Group’s steel businesses are involved in iron and steel making, rolling of flat and long products and downstream manufacturing of various steel products including steel service centres.

It operates Megasteel, Malaysia’s first and only integrated flat steel mill producing hot rolled and cold rolled coils. Megasteel is fully automated using state-of-the-art Direct Current Electric Arc Furnace - Compact Strip Production (EAF-CSP) process which incorporates Thin Slab Casting technology developed by SMS, Germany. It is the only steel mill in the country to use this advanced CSP technology which enables it to produce high quality steel with significantly higher production yield and energy savings.

The manufacture of long products such as bars, wire rods and channels, is undertaken by Amsteel Mills and Antara Steel Mills which are equipped with modern facilities comprising Electric Arc Furnaces, Ladle Furnaces and 6-strand Continuous Casting Machines. These facilities are designed to produce high quality billets including special grade billets for rolling into specialty bars and higher grade wire rods for stringent applications.

The Group also operates a Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) plant using the Midrex Direct Reduction technology that converts iron ore into high-purity Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) or HBI for iron making, steel making and foundry applications.

Its newest addition, a Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plant in Banting, using Midrex technology has a capacity of 1.70 million tonnes per annum. The increased supply of DRI will help to reduce the dependence on scrap as raw material for steel making by the Group’s various steel mills and enable the production of high quality steel.

The Group has plans to establish an integrated Blast Furnace project with a capacity of 3.37 million tonnes of liquid hot metal or certain quantity of pig iron a year, which will replace scrap as the feedstock for steel making by the Group’s steel mills.

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Product Category Annual Capacity (million tonnes)
Iron Making 5.95
Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) 0.88
Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) 1.70
Blast Furnace (under implementation) 3.37
Steel Making 11.15
3 X 160t Electric Arc Furnace 4.60
2 X 100t Electric Arc Furnace 2.00
1 Convertor 1.55
2 Slab Casters 3.00
Rolling 7.05
Hot Rolled Coils 3.20
Cold Rolled Coils 1.40
2 Wire Rod mills 1.10
4 Bar & Channel Mills 1.35