Contribution to Society

In more than the 80 years of carrying out its business activities, the Group has always been mindful of its responsibility as a caring corporate citizen, channelling back to society whatever benefits it can. For the past two decades,  the Group and its companies have contributed a total of more than RM 72 million to charity through Lion-Parkson Foundation, initiated by Group Chairman & CEO, Tan Sri William Cheng, as well as through other charitable programmes.

During its 75th Anniversary celebration in December 2005, the Group had raised RM 12.2 million for charity. Similarly, when the Group celebrate its 65th Anniversary in December 1995, it had organised a fund-raising drive amounting to RM 12.92 million for charity.

For the past two decades, the Group and its companies have contributed to various charitable causes such as BAKTI, Malaysian Aids Council, Yayasan Budi Penyayang, MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional), Ex-Servicemen's Association, Malaysian Red Crescent Society, National Science Centre, the national and state zoos, schools and hospitals. Among the donations included the RM 1.1 million aid for tsunami victims, as well as assistance for the earthquake victims in Pakistan, India and Indonesia.

Companies under the Group have on-going programmes to assist the community. Parkson has been organizing the Educare programme for the past few years with its stores throughout the nation serving as collection centres to collect school necessities for underprivileged children.



The Lion-Parkson Foundation was incorporated on 3rd September, 1985 to provide funds for education, scientific and charitable purposes. The fund awards scholarships to deserving students. Since its launch in 1990, the Lion-Parkson Foundation has contributed RM12.3 million to 503 students, in the form of scholarships. In addition, the Foundation has also contributed another RM39 million towards other causes, making a total contribution of RM 51.3 million todate.


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Lion Group Medical Assistance Fund (LGMAF) is now merged with Lion-Parkson Foundation  (LPF) to streamline and facilitate  the management and disbursement of funds by the Group  under LPF effective 12 March 2019.

LPF  will  undertake to provide financial assistance for medical expenses incurred by needy Malaysian patients for surgeries, hospitalisation and diagnostic procedures in local hospitals or clinics. 

Approximately RM10.08 million has been disbursed in the form of sponsorship for medical treatment and purchase of equipment and medication for needy Malaysians as well as charitable organisations such as the National Kidney Foundation and Dialysis Centres operated by non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).


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